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Cruising Turkish Aegean

Tanem is a thirty-meter luxury ketch built in 2006.
She has six mahogany-paneled guest cabins, two masters, two doubles, and two twins. Each cabin has LCD TV, DVD, and CD players, as well as stereo system. Master cabins have mini-bars.
The yacht is exquisitely appointed throughout.

Cruising Turkish Aegean

Technical Specifications:

Year Built: 2006
Length: 98 ft
Beam: 23 ft
Engines: (2) 360 hp Iveco
Generators: (2) 28 kva Caterpillar
Fuel Tanks: 1,050 gal
Water Tanks: 1,050 gal
Cruising Speed: 10 knots

Cruising Greek Aegean


Telephone & Internet
Television, Stereo Music System
(2) Kayaks, Windsurfer
Tender with Outboard
Speed Boat with 90 hp Motor
Water Skis & Snorkeling Gear
Ship's Laundry
Fully Equipped Galley

Cruising Greek Aegean Cruising Greek Aegean
Cruising Turkish Aegean Cruising Greek Aegean

Cruising Turkish Aegean

Cruising Turkish Aegean

Cruising Greek Aegean

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Dear Homo Sapiens, There is no need to continue reading this page. What follows is intended for search engine robots and spiders and not necessarily for human beings. Further information about cruising the Greek and Turkish Aegean may be obtained by clicking on the gray links immediately above. Thank You. You may be searching for a yacht rental in Greece or Turkey, for a yacht charter in Greece or Turkey. You may be considering a luxury motor-sailer in which to cruise the Turkish Aegean or in which to cruise that country's pine-clad and cove-indented coast. Or you may be dreaming of a similar cruise in the Greek Aegean, of sailing the azure sea between remote Greek islands. If either, you might like to charter a yacht designed for two or three families or for a group of friends, a yacht with six private cabins each with en suite bathroom and other comforts of home. The 98-foot ketch Tanem. Given a large salon within the deck house, a larger quarterdeck,Cruising Greek Aegean and additional social spaces on both the foredeck and cabin-top, the combination is an optimum of comfort in which to explore history along the coast of Turkey and among Aegean islands of Greece. And while exploring history also basking under a gentle sun and swimming in clear seawater. History in the Aegean and eastern Mediterranean involves the passage of peoples and cultures: Lycian, Carian, Persian, Macedonian, Roman, Karaman, and Ottoman of a longer list including the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, or Hospitallers, who came to Rhodes from Cyprus and the Holy Land in 1306. History here also involves the coming and going of larger than life personalities, Sarpedon, Mausolus, Alexander, Zeniketes the Robin Hood of the sea, and Pierre d'Aubusson among them. The latter gained fame by repelling in 1480 the invasion force of Ottoman Sultan Mehmet The Conqueror. That invasion force of about 70,000 was turned away by d'Aubusson with 500 knights and 4,500 additional defenders. The event generated prints such as the two here: a siege overview to the left and an Ottoman assault on the Fortress of St. Nicholas below, a fortress still guarding Mandraki Harbor today. Others with less recognition creating history here a bare five hundred years ago were privateers sailing from Macry, modern Fethiye, flying the colors of Islam, and Christian privateers sailing from Rhodes Town a bare 44 nautical miles distant. These privateers and others operated both independently of and together with their respective Ottoman and Hospitaller navies. When operating independently they were each wont to raid the other's coastal towns and to intercept merchant shipping of the other faith, and, occasionally, of the same faith. In July of 1503 Hospitaller Grand Master d'Aubusson died, and because his successor Emery d'Amboise had yet to arrive from France, the Hospitaller council feared another Ottoman invasion. The council consequently sent letters to Ottoman Sultan Beyazid and to his sonCruising Turkish Aegean Korkut, governor of the nearby province of Antalya. These letters affirming Hospitaller wishes for peaceful relations were dispatched on the great carrack of Rhodes to Physcus, modern Marmaris, 25 nautical miles distant, and in a few days Korkut sent the ship back to Rhodes laden with provisions. The Hospitaller council relaxed. Within weeks, however, a Macry privateer flotilla of 16 small galliots put raiding parties ashore on Rhodes which torched the east coast villages of Arkhangelos, Pharaklos, and Kattavia, among others, and which took hundreds of captives. A Knights flotilla consisting of three galleys, two small galliots, a galleon, and a bark left Rhodes Town in pursuit. Commanded by Diogo d'Allmeida, Prior of Portugal, the Knights flotilla overtook the Turkish flotilla near Cape Sugla (modern Cape Kurtoglu, so named for one of Turkey's more famous corsairs) in the SW corner of the Gulf of Macry. During the engagement which followed two Turkish fustas went to the bottom and eight others broke up against an inhospitable shore. Thirty captive Rhodians were rescued. In one of the first recorded instances of friendly fire, however, a Knights incendiary ball struck a Knights galley killing fourteen. In an action as inconclusive as recent combat in this part of the world, the remainder of the Turkish flotilla retired to shelter in the shallow waters behind Macri Vecchia and the Knights flotilla returned to Rhodes. There is more to Turkish corsair and Knights history, of course, too much more to recount here. But charter Tanem to cruise the sea between Macry and Rhodes, Simi, Nisiros, and Tilos to learn more. Starting in Gocek. Are you searching for Gocek in Turkey? Well, it is in the NW corner of the Gulf of Macry. It is also about fifteen road miles from its own international airport at Dalaman. In Gocek we can put you aboard the 98-foot luxury ketch Tanem for the holiday of a lifetime. We can put you aboard a charter yacht and show you the haunts of privateers and show you the Knights maritime backyard, as well. Contact Blue Cruise Yacht Charters today at for a holiday in Greece and Turkey aboard Tanem.