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Privilege 465
Charter Catamarans
Turkey And Greece

Catamarans Sailing Greece

The Privilege 465 charter catamaran sailing Greece and Turkey is both fast and comfortable.
The naval architects at Alliaura Marine designed into the 465 an exceptional balance between hull stability, sailing performance, and living comfort. This unique alchemy has been proved at sea.
Few other charter catamarans sailing Turkey and Greece offer as much.

Catamarans Sailing Greece Technical Specifications

Length Over All: 47.0 ft
Water Line Length: 44.7 ft
Beam: 24.0 ft
Draft: 4.5 ft (max)
Displacement: 23,150 lbs
Sail Area: 1,378 sq ft
Engines: (2) 40 hp Yanmar
Water Tanks: 185 gal
Fuel Tanks: 150 gal


Lazy-Jack Main, Electric Halyard, Furling Headsail, Bimini Top,
Autopilot, GPS,
Electric Windlass,
VHF Radio-Telephone,
CD Stereo Music System,
Fully Equipped Galley,
Deep Freeze,
Dingy w/Outboard
Catamarans Sailing Turkey

Catamarans Sailing Turkey

Catamarans Sailing Greece

Catamarans Sailing Turkey

Catamarans Sailing Greece

Catamarans Sailing Turkey

Catamarans Sailing Greece

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Dear Homo Sapiens, There is no need to continue reading this page. What follows is intended for search engine robots and spiders and not necessarily for human beings. Further information concerning catamarans sailing Turkey and Greece may be obtained by clicking on the gray links immediately above. Thank You. Are you searching for a bare boat catamaran charter sailing Turkey or Greece? Or for a bare boat catamaran charter sailing Turkey and Greece? A bare boat catamaran on which to Blue Cruise in the Aegean? A multi-hull charter sailing the southwest coast of Turkey? A catamaran ghosting from one pine-encircled clear-water cove to the next pine-encircled clear-water cove? Or are you dreaming of a bare boat catamaran charter in Greece? Of a stable platform on which to sail Aegean wind from remote Greek island to remote Greek island? Of a yacht on which to poke into coves surrounded by Greek Catamarans Sailing Greeceblue and white? Or surrounded by nothing at all? Or do you wish to sail both Greece and Turkey? How about sailing one or the other or both aboard a catamaran with accommodations for eight or nine, for your extended family or for two bridge foursomes or for your golf foursome and spouses. How about chartering such a catamaran to cruise Turkey's ancient Lycia, home to many of Homer's heroes at the defense of Troy, Sarpedon and Glaucus and the others. Or to sail Ligorio Assanti's medieval routes along the coasts of Lycia and neighboring Caria. And among nearby Greek Dodecanese islands such as Nisiros, Tilos, and Rhodes. While you holiday. While you holiday with a group of friends aboard a chartered catamaran proceeding leisurely from enchanting locale to historic crossroads. Or while you cruise further along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. As did Assanti. Beyond Lycia and Caria. Ligorio Assanti was descended from the Assantis of Ischia off the coast of Naples. That family had in AD 1207 taken the Aegean island of Nisiros in fief from Latin Byzantium following the Latin sacking of Constantinople ending the Fourth Crusade. Upon the 1312 arrival of Hospitaller Knights of St. John of Jerusalem from nearby Rhodes, Byzantium was supplanted by the Knights but continued the fief of the Assanti family, by 1340 an undivided half the fief of Ligorio Assanti and the other undivided half the fief of his cousin Giacomo Assanti. Never quite satisfied with his lot upon succeeding to his undivided half, Ligorio Assanti had theretofore been infamous for preying on his neighbors including neighbors on Rhodes and Tilos and on the proximate mainland of Asia Minor. In the year 1340, however, chaffing at Knights restraint, Ligorio's dissatisfaction went to an extreme. Equipping a large galley he headed down the coasts of Caria, Lycia, and further Karamania to Cyprus where he set upon shipping from the Levant. Turkish shipping. Egyptian shipping. And Christian shipping from the city states of Italy and from the Kingdom of Cyprus. Outraged, the King of Cyprus reacted, seizing not Assanti's elusive galley but rather property and commercial shipping of Assanti's Hospitaller overlords. Summoned by Grand Master Helion de Villeneuve to appear before a Hospitaller court in Rhodes Town, Ligorio Assanti pled in absentia a divine right stemming from his princely status at Nisiros. Relying on their own divine right the Hospitallers confiscated Ligorio's fief and, at the request of King Robert of Naples (and Ischia), then sold Ligorio's former fief to his cousin Giacomo for 2,500 gold florins, more than enough to recompense damaged parties. Shortly afterward there appeared on neighboring Rhodes a mysterious killer some termed a monster. Hospitallers would sortie in search of the monster but with one exception not return. The exception was Dieudonne de Gozon, like Villeneuve of French nobility. How he returned alive on that first occasion no one but Gozon Catamarans 
Sailing Greeceknew, and he wasn't telling. He had secret knowledge of the monster and set about turning that knowledge to his advantage. Less than a year after sale of Ligorio Assanti's share of Nisiros, Dieudonne de Gozon set out in 1342 accompanied by two pages and two giant mastiffs. Together, according to testimony of the pages watching from a safe distance, Gozon and his mastiffs slew the monster as loosely depicted at right. And it is from that time Ligorio Assanti disappeared from the pages of history. Forever afterward known as Extinctor Draconis, Gozon was in 1346 elected by his peers to succeed Villeneuve as Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes and the following year took his Hospitallers to the defense of Cilician Armenia then threatened by the Mamluk Sultanate of Egypt. To get there Gozon also sailed down the coasts of Lycia and further Karamania to Corycus, now Kizkalesi, Turkey, where the Mamluk advance was halted. Would you not like to sail this crossroads of history! Treating yourself to anecdotes such as the foregoing. Starting in Gocek. Are you searching for Gocek in Turkey? Well, Gocek is 25 minutes by road from Dalaman International Airport and 42 nautical miles ENE of the Hospitaller fortress at Rhodes Town. At Gocek or elsewhere we can put you aboard bare boat catamarans for the holiday of a lifetime. We can put you aboard bare boat catamarans and point you toward flat sailing waters of the Gulf of Gocek, show you Ligorio Assanti's route down the coasts of Caria and Lycia, show you his route back up the coast of Asia Minor and between Greek islands, and show you where his wakes overlapped with those of Homer's Lycian heroes as well as those of Dieudonne de Gozon. Superb Privilege 465 charter catamarans sailing Turkey and Greece. Contact Blue Cruise Yacht Charters today at