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Charter Yacht Apotheose
Western Turkey
And Aegean Greece

Sailing Western Turkey

This immaculate custom-built charter yacht
sailing western Turkey and Aegean Greece displays a host of attractive features. Air conditioned throughout, four roomy en-suite guest cabins are located forward of an attractive split-level salon. There are dining areas both in the salon and in the cockpit, while uncluttered decks offer ample room for both
sunbathing and shaded comfort.

Sailing Aegean Greece Accommodations:

Accommodations for guests consist of four comfortable guest cabins, two with double beds and two with over-and-under beds, each with en-suite bathroom.
Individual air-conditioning controls are fitted in each cabin, and each cabin is soundproofed
inside thick bulkheads


The split-level salon opens to the cockpit and offers panoramic views as well as inside dining.
Sailing Western Turkey

Technical Specifications:

Year Built: 1992, Refit: 2004
Length: 75 feet
Beam: 18 feet
Variable Draft: 6-15 feet
Sail Area: 3,225 sq ft
Engine: 220 hp Cummins
Generator: 220v
Water Tanks: 1,125 gal
Cruising Speed: 10 knots
Sailing Aegean Greece

Sailing Aegean Greece

VHF Radio-Telephone
Water Maker
Radio-Cassette & CD Player
Tender with Outboard
Water Skis
Windsurfer & Kayak
Snorkeling & Fishing Gear

Sailing Western Turkey

Sailing Aegean Greece Sailing Aegean Greece

Sailing Western Turkey

Sailing Western Turkey

A Smaller Yacht Sailing Western Turkey And Aegean Greece

A Gulet Sailing Western Turkey And Aegean Greece

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