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Amazon Solo
Greece And Turkey

Cruising Greece

Amazon Solo is a fully-rigged staysail-schooner
framed by craftsmen on the Turkish Black Sea coast from local chestnut and oak, with planking and decking in teak-like iroko and with interiors in cedar and Indian walnut. Topside decking is uncluttered and spacious. There are sun lounges, sun mattresses, and reclining deck chairs amidships and forward,
while the quarterdeck provides an area for alfresco dining and camaraderie.

Cruising Turkey Cruising Greece

Cruising Turkey


VHF & Mobile Telephones, Stereo Music System, Television, Fully Equipped Galley, Refrigerators,
Deep Freeze, Dingy with Outboard, Fishing and Snorkeling Gear, Marine Air Conditioning,
Windsurfer, Water Skis, and Kayak


Year Built 2000, Year Refit 2009
Length Over All 105 ft, Length On Deck 90 ft,
Beam 23 ft, Draft 9 ft, Engine 542 hp Caterpillar, Cruising Speed 9 knots

Cruising Turkey

Cruising Greece

Cruising Turkey

Accommodations include six well-appointed cabins
plus salon with bar. Of the six cabins, one is a master stern cabin with large double bed and two are triple cabins each with double and single beds. There are three additional cabins with double beds. Each cabin includes built-in wardrobe, drawer space, dressing table, and en suite bathroom. All spaces are air-conditioned, cooling comfortably for an afternoon siesta and for the night.

Cruising Turkey

Cruising Greece

A Three-Cabin Schooner Cruising Greece And Turkey

A Four-Cabin Ketch Cruising Greece And Turkey

A Five-Cabin Schooner Cruising Italy And The Tyrrhenian

A Six-Cabin Ketch Cruising Greece And Turkey

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Dear Homo Sapiens, There is no need to continue reading this page. What follows is intended for search engine robots and spiders and not necessarily for human beings. Further information concerning schooner cruising in Greece and Turkey may be obtained by clicking on the gray links immediately above. Thank you. Could you be searching for a schooner cruising Greece and Turkey? Perhaps for a staysail schooner on Blue Cruise in Turkey and Greece? One with a staysail between fore and main masts? And a second inside the headsail? Would you like to soon go sailing along the coast of Turkey? From secluded pine-enshrouded cove to secluded pine-enshrouded cove? Or would you prefer to sail the azure sea between remote sugar-cube encrusted Greek islands? Or would you like to do both, charter a schooner cruising both Turkey and Greece? How about cruising both countries aboard a crewed charter schooner with accommodations for twelve guests? While doing both countries why not begin with a cruise among Greek islands off the NW coast of Turkey. Why not cruise from Kusadasi on Turkey's ancient Ionian coast out to Greek Chios, an island with an Homeric history, and from Chios to Lesbos, where the lyric poet Sappho composed her poetry during the early sixth century BC, and from Lesbos to Lemnos where Jason and the Argonauts encountered Amazons in about 1275 BC. And where the Argonauts offered those Amazons a lift into the Pontus Euxine or Black Sea where there was already a substantial community of lady warriors. Lady warriors from the very locale in which Amazon Solo was laid down and launched. Amazons who almost one thousand years later were led by their Queen Thalestris in an approach to Alexander The Great as he marched through ancient Lycia on Turkey's southern shore. According to some sources, Queen Thalestris brought 300 lady warriors to Alexander hoping to breed female children as strong and intelligent as he. According to written chronicles, Thalestris herself stayed with the Macedonian king for 13 days and nights in hope that the great warrior would father her daughter. Several of Alexander's biographers, however, dispute this latter claim, among them Plutarch. In his writing Plutarch records an instance in which Alexander's naval pilot, Onesicritus, is reading the Amazon passage of his own Alexander history to King Lysimachus of Thrace, a Gentleman of the Bodyguard with Alexander when the Macedonians marched through Asia Minor. Lysimachus smiles at Onesicritus and says "And where was I, then?" The answer may be that coincident with Alexander's march through Lycia all of his married veterans, including Gentlemen of the Cruising Greece and TurkeyBodyguard, were sent back to Macedonia for the winter. And why else should Alexander have tarried two weeks when he reached Phaselis! Have you been to the Louvre in Paris? That grand museum in the Tuileries Gardens? Have you seen the rendering at left depicting the Thalestris visit? In Lycia's Xanthus Valley? Do you recognize the acropolis in the background? Well, it is the acropolis at Tlos, and on the near slope of the acropolis hill is the Bellerophon Tomb. It was near Tlos that Bellerophon at about the time of the aforementioned visit of Argonauts to Lemnos turned back lady warriors from the Black Sea coast of Turkey. Amazons allied with the Solymi of Termessus near Antalya in an invasion of Lycia. Thalestris, to Lysimachus's point, is the name of a character in Mary Renault's historical novel The King Must Die set in the time of the aforementioned Argonauts. It is conceivable that the rendering at left depicts a Thalestris visit not to Alexander's royal encampment but rather to Bellerophon's royal encampment. Bellerophon was, after all, co-ruler with King Iobates of the Lycian (Xanthus Valley) dominion being invaded by Amazons. Would you like to come unravel this mystery? While you holiday? While you holiday with family and friends. Would you like to have a group of friends holiday with you aboard a crewed staysail schooner cruising the Lycian coast? Would you like to see the color of the water off Lycia's principal seaport? You should! We would tell you the color, but the color is indescribable! Would you like to holiday with a group of friends aboard a charter schooner proceeding leisurely from one historic locale to another historic locale, from one delightful anchorage to another delightful anchorage? Would you like to charter a staysail schooner to cruise Greece? To cruise among Aegean islands of Greece? The Sporades Islands of Greece off the Turkish coast? Would you like to charter a crewed yacht to do all of this? Starting in Kusadasi? Are you searching for Kusadasi in Turkey? Well, Kusadasi is 60 nautical miles ESE of Chios Town and 12 road miles south of ancient Ephesus. It is also not very far from the international airport at Izmir. There or elsewhere we can put you aboard a crewed staysail schooner for the holiday of a lifetime. We can put you aboard a charter schooner with an experienced crew able to show you the Argonauts track through the Greek Aegean to Lemnos and beyond, and able to show you Alexander's Path along the west and south coasts of Turkey to Phaselis where he tarried for two weeks among Greek-speaking admirers. Amazon Solo, a superb crewed schooner cruising Greece and Turkey. Contact Blue Cruise Yacht Charters today at